fancy erasers

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Thousands of years ago we were living Peacefully in the form of Rubber in the Tree then in Eleventh Century someone Found Our Forefather and Made US, since that day All the human race is using our services to wipe away their mistakes and they are not even Thankful:(, Well ! I will tell you our story, Since the day we have been found and invented Humans are implementing their imaginations and great ideas and shaping us and doing  our make over so that we can look more adorable and appealing, At Return Gifts wala you can find our entire range, they have harvested and invented some of the most cute Erasers of all time, be it Kids or adults  they automatically AWWW when they see our range here at Return gift wala and we are thank full to them, who doesn't love Praise:P - Buy us for your kids and beloved ones and we assure you that we will not disappoint you.