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Whole Sale Enquiry – Birthday Return Gifts for Kids

Wholesale return gifts

You need Wholesale Return gifts in India?

Thanks for showing interest in our products/Franchisee.
Our concept of Franchisee Or Bulk Purchasing is simple, as all the products are imported and they don’t bear any MRP, so it’s up-to you how much you charge from the customer as they don’t have any fixed MRP.-You can send us the list of the Products you want, we will get back to you with the best possible prices.
Minimum Order has to be Rs 20000/- There is no Limit on Maximum Investment – It’s Up to you how do you want to Start and how much you want to invest.

We have an Option of SAMPLE KIT as well

For a start you can purchase our sample kit and have a look and feel of our products before purchasing in bulk.

The Price of our sample kit is Rs 10000.( We will send you Goods worth Rs 12500 as per the prices mentioned on the website), we will send only Return gifts.–We will provide you almost all the items which we are currently selling on the website.( Free Shipping)– OR you can choose whatever you want from the website and place a COD order worth Rs 12500 , after placing your order call us and we will provide you the same for Rs 10000( Free shipping).

If you purchase a sample kit we will provide you a flat 20% discount on the mentioned Prices along with Free shipping


Make the list of the items in an excel sheet which you want along with the quantity , we will revert back with the best possible rate.
Whatsapp here -7408944361 to Order in Bulk.
Following benefits you will get when you Purchase in Bulk Or take our Franchisee
  1. Margin of 30-70% on the Prices mentioned on the website, for example if there is a Product on the website whose Price is Rs 100 you may get the same for Rs 70-30, different margin on different products, These products doesn’t have a fixed MRP as the prices fluctuate regularly so we don’t print the prices on the Products, You can sell as per your will as there is no fixed MRP.
  2. Regular Updates of the Fresh Arrival even before we List the on our website.
  3. Unique and A grade quality Gifts which is hard to find Elsewhere.
  4. Full time Support with branding and handling of customers
  5. 90 days Return Policy- If you are unable to sell some of our products then you can send it back to us , we will reimburse 80% of the amount.
  6.  We will Put your Shop on our Website and all the Associated Social Media Pages(Free Promotion){If you use our Brand name}
  7. We will send our Offline Customers to your Shop if they require to visit or see the Goods in Real.{Under BRANDING}


If you wish to use our Brand name and wanted to use our Trademark – you need to pay an Annual Royalty Fee of Rs 10000( Non-Refundable)
If you use our Brand name then you can not sell any other brands Products.
Or if you wish to sell other brands products as well then you can Put our products in a KIOSK inside your shop or Allot some section/part inside your shop where you will sell only our products.


If you wish to use your own name/brand then in that case we can work as a Wholesale-Retail Business here  you can sell whatever you wish there is no boundation.


If you wish to sell Online through whatsapp groups/facebook pages or inside your society then you can Whatsapp here-7388777174 , he will add you to the broadcast List and Provide you a 15% Flat Coupon For Rs 500(one time fee to join the group) you will get the regular updates of the Products along with the Prices.
Terms/Benefits for Small Re-sellers
  1. Margin of 15% NET as per the Prices mentioned on the website- You can even quote your own rate to your customers
  2. Regular updates of products/offers
  3. Extra Discount on Bulk Orders
  4. Same day or 24 hours Shipping
  5. No minimum Order, you can order even Single Piece.
  6. Shipping charge -Free on order above 600
  7. Shipping Time Air – 3-5 days– Surface – 7-8 days
  8. We can ship anywhere in India , if you wish we can Ship directly to your customer without mentioning the price or our name.
  9. No Refund
  10. Replacement Possible
  11. Payment Options – Gpay-PAYTM- Bank Transfer-COD-Credit/debit Card–Net banking*

For Further Clarification on wholesale return gifts Please Reach Mr M Khan – 917408944361