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The Magic of Designer Pen Stands for Kids

In today’s World, encouraging creativity among kids is critical. Creativity is not only about writing and drawing; it is also about imagination and expression. The daily accessories and the items kids use in their day-to-day lives play an essential role in building up this creativity among kids. And an important one is a designer pen stand. Let’s learn in detail everything about the customizable pen stand offered by

What is a Pen Stand?

A pen stand is an important accessory that helps to keep things like pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, etc. organized in one place. With the newly discovered customized theme-based Pen Stands, organizing stationery items becomes an interesting and playful activity for kids. They learn to organize things in a proper way and keep their belongings safe and sound.

What’s a designer Pen Stand built up material?

The safety of children is the most important aspect a parent considers when purchasing any product. And we have made customizable pen stands keeping this in mind. It’s made up of Medium Density Fibreboard, commonly called MDF, which is not harmful for children, irrespective of how they use it. No plastic is used in the making of these pen stands, which makes them environmentally friendly.

Pen Stands of varied designs and themes

The tastes and preferences of children vary. What a child likes may not all be preferred by another child. Keeping this in mind, we have made designer pen stands for a number of themes, like the Angry Bird theme, Baby Shark theme, Space theme, Super Hero theme, etc., to name a few. It makes it easy for a child to choose the pen stand per his or her preferred theme.

The Magic of Designer Pen Stands for Kids 4
The Magic of Designer Pen Stands for Kids 5
The Magic of Designer Pen Stands for Kids 6

Pen Stand Customization

We offer personalization or customization of pen stands. If a child wants a name or something to be written on the selected pen stand, we can make it happen to give it a personal touch. This helps in building up a sense of belonging among children.

Birthday Return Gifts from Returngiftwala

Birthday return gifts are the gifts given to guests as a token of appreciation. They are also known as party favors, or goody bags. It helps to share gratitude with guests for being a part of the birthday celebration.

Some popular birthday return gifts from returngiftwala are as follows:

  • Exam pad with Whiteboard on the back side
  • Paper bag
  • Coffee mug
  • Chocolate
  • Whiteboard
  • Metal bottle
  • Photo frame
  • Calendar
  • Keychains, etc.

You can get these return gifts customized the way you want.

To Sum Up

Customizable and Designer pen stands are not just things to keep other things in place. Varied themes make the pen stand out, and customization gives it a personal touch. Get the pen stand on the theme you want and get it customized in your style.

Return Gifts For Kids Below Rs 50

return gifts for kids below rs 50 banner

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Our Large Number of Customers Want a Return Gift Which is Unique and Fall under their Budget, most of the return gifts that we sell are under Rs 50.From All across the World we get queries regarding the perfect return gifts for various themes, for pocket friendly Budget we have gathered a huge range of kids birthday return gifts in less than Rs 50 price.From offering Pen stands to Pencil Erasers, Book marks,Puzzles,Sharpeners,Toys we have multiple options to choose from.

Our Company have been operating since last 20 years and we have tremendous knowledge and huge customer base when it comes to purchasing the product which our customer demands, most of the times customer demands products which are less than Rs 50 as they want to purchase huge quantity and they have a small budget,to fulfill the same we always try to present something which is under budget as well as unique and presentable.Here we have unearthed some Affordable and economical return gifts for kids below Rs 50.

Have a Tight Budget For Return Gifts?

You came to the right place!!

PUBG Theme Birthday Return Gifts Ideas

PUBG Theme Birthday Return Gifts Ideas 8
Game of The Decade

Presenting PUBG Theme Birthday Return Gifts for kids Birthday Party.

Crazy About PUBG?Well! Who isn’t if you are Young,In your Family there must be a member who plays Pubg , this game which is only a couple of years old has taken the entire gaming community by storm,From Girls to Boys, Kids to Adults everyone plays PUBG.

The Game Has Revolutionize the entire EA Sports Worldwide, It has become a Perfect Career Option For the Young generation who is keen into gaming.

Since the Craze of this game originates, we were getting huge demand for the products related to this theme, as the people go with the latest fad so are we,there are multiple products which the company all over the world are manufacturing in PUBG theme.

pubg theme tournament
Fan Favorite Team of India

To Keep the Craze in Mind and Provide what our customers are demanding, we are showcasing some PUBG Based Birthday Return Gifts For Kids,If you are going to organize a party which is PUBG based then you must be looking for Party favors for the invitees.

At you can find Multiple items of Player Unknown Battle ground Theme, Money banks,Paper bags, Diaries, Calendars,Mugs,Pens,Pouches,Sketch Pens, Rolling Stamps and many more beautiful and unique birthday return gifts.

We never compromise with the quality and always try to be first when it comes to compete with trend and current demand,This game is hugely popular in India and Worldwide,Multiple tournaments worth millions of dollars have been organized by the PUBG official from time to time.

As it is our Habit to provide you the products from time to time as per the demand, we are always in a lookout for something unique and adorable, as soon as the craze of this game engulf India we sent our Purchase team to search for the gifts which can be presented as a Birthday return gift for a PUBG theme based party.

Our team came up with multiple New and innovative ideas which can be a great option for party favor,Multiple range of Metal Money Banks with locks, Big size Metal Boxes to keep your Small stuff,designer gel pens,Printed Paper bags, Custom Made Diaries, Calendars,Fancy Bone China Mugs and many more items designed in your favorite Player unknown battle ground theme.

List of PUBG Theme Birthday Return Gifts

Pubg theme birthday return gifts ideas for kids money bank

Introducing a Beautiful Metal Money Bank imprinted with PUBg theme for PUBG theme birthday return gifts for kids.

  • metal coin bank for pubg theme return gifts for kids
  • Money bank for Pubg lover key and lock
  • metal coin bank for pubg theme return gifts for kids
  • metal coin bank for pubg theme return gifts for kids
  • pubg theme return gifts money bank for kids
  • Pubg metal money bank
pubg jumbo big size metal container box

PUBG Based Big Size Metal Box with a Closure ,Keep your Stuff secure and handy in this box.

  • PUBG metal box for return gifts
  • Pubg themed birthday party metal box tin container
  • open PUBG metal box for return gifts
  • PUBG metal box for return gifts

Birthday Return Gift Ideas

With the launch of choosing a Birthday return gifts for your kids birthday have become fun, with vast range of unique return gifts ideas from all over the world it has become a simple and fun task to choose a birthday return gifts.

We update our products on regular basis, all our return gift products are brand new and of A-grade quality. At we provide tremendous range of never seen products at the most economical and affordable prices.

Returngiftwala bring to you an exclusive range of return gifts harvested from entire world to make your Birthday Bash a success. Call your near and dear one’s to the venue of your choice, feed them the food of their choice decorate and organize your birthday for a long lasting impact and  bid adieu with a special  birthday return gift to make your birthday party a memorable one!

Let’s  Start with some products that we offer on our website…

  • Ping Pong Pen
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 25
Ping Pong Pen
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 26
Fancy Roller stamp as birthday return gift idea for kids
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 27
Angry birds return gift for kids
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 28
Birthday return gift money bank
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 29
Mushroom night lamp Birthday return gift idea for kids
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 30
Kids comb set as a kids return gifts
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 31
fancy wooden paper clip-Return gift for kids
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 32
Pencil holder-birthday return gift idea
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 33
pencil holder angry birds- birthday return gift ideas for kids
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 34
key ring pen- Kids return gift idea
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 35
return gift for kids
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 36
Fur pen can be given as a birthday return gift
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 37
doll pen can be pass on to guest as a birthday return gift
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 38
Butterfly pencil holder for birthday return gift
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 39
Kids return gift idea-reading lamp
Birthday Return Gift Ideas 40


New Arrivals Coming Soon

New Arrivals Coming Soon 66

Coming Soon to impress you , Returngiftwala never ceases to surprise you, Get ready for the Extravaganza, the range of products you have never seen.

New Arrivals Coming Soon 67

Gifts to Crave For

Gifts to Crave For 130

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Get ready to witness one of the most amazing range of birthday return gifts for kids which we have launched recently, now no need to get confused for choosing the perfect birthday return gift for kids, here we will provide you the complete range to choose from , you can get what you want and that too at reasonable prices, at our main priority is to cater the needs of the customer regarding birthday return gifts, our range is exclusive and economical at the same time, you can purchase from us and make your kids birthday party memorable , we offer everything which you need to plan your birthday leaving food:D

We are running this business since last 4 years and are overwhelmed by your love and appreciation that we got.

Trailer of our New Range—

Gifts to Crave For 131
Gifts to Crave For 132
Gifts to Crave For 133
Gifts to Crave For 134
Gifts to Crave For 135
Gifts to Crave For 136
Gifts to Crave For 137
Gifts to Crave For 138
Gifts to Crave For 139
Gifts to Crave For 140
Gifts to Crave For 141
Gifts to Crave For 142
Gifts to Crave For 143
Gifts to Crave For 144
Gifts to Crave For 145
Gifts to Crave For 146
Gifts to Crave For 147
Gifts to Crave For 148
Gifts to Crave For 149
Gifts to Crave For 150
Gifts to Crave For 151
Gifts to Crave For 152
Gifts to Crave For 153
Gifts to Crave For 154
Gifts to Crave For 155
Gifts to Crave For 156
Gifts to Crave For 157
Gifts to Crave For 158
Gifts to Crave For 159
Gifts to Crave For 160
Gifts to Crave For 161
Gifts to Crave For 162

One of the So Common but yet in Demand Birthday Return Gift–

Diaries!!! It can be given to the people of all ages, and they will love it if it’s unique no matter how many they have—


Barbara the Butterfly 3D Embossed Shimmered Diary For Birthday Return Gifts

Gifts to Crave For 164
Gifts to Crave For 165
Gifts to Crave For 166
Gifts to Crave For 167

Sorry!!! We were in sleep mode actually!! But now we are awake and with a BANG!!!

We have launched some great Return gifts in past and now we are launching again something unique and stylish.
 Smiley Key Chains
These beautiful and funky smiley keychains are made of silicone material which is puffy and soft, they are unbreakable and washable, just bounce these balls and they will start glowing with multicolor bulb fitted inside, kids and adults both will love to have these kind of keyrings.