Fish Design Waterproof Insulated Thermal Lunch Bag|Single Piece


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Buy these one of the best quality super strong Matty made Thermal Lunch Bags– They are made of super strong Material, completely washable and for Rough use , they have an aluminium insulated inner film inside which keeps the lunch hot for several hours from all side– made of finest quality material which is washable and waterproof, it has a Velcro Lock system and a Handy Handle to carry your lunch, this product has been the best seller since several months

  • Made of Matty Material
  • Washable
  • Water proof
  • Velcro Lock system
  • Size-  24x20x17 CM
  • Spacious
  • Perfect for carrying while traveling,picnic,school
  • Whatsapp here to order in bulk and get additional discount– bulk means more than 10 pieces– 07408944361


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