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4 in 1 Naruto Theme Luxury Combo|Customize as you wish

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  • Made in India
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Presenting 4 in 1 Naruto theme party favors!!

  • Pack includes Total 4 Items
  1. Bone China Designer  Mug With a Colorful Printed Box.
  2. Paper Bag Printed  Design all sides to put the Gifts in, multiple colors of bags for a great appeal.
  3. Colorful Paper diary with ruled pages, printed on both sides with super mario arts
  4. A thank You Card for your Guest.

This Combo Can be a great Birthday return gift idea for birthday party when it comes to choosing the right gifts, if you have a comfortable budget then this is a perfect choice.

Now there will not be any confusion when it comes to choosing birthday return gifts for your next animal themed party ,we have crafted this beautiful Naruto theme party favors combo with a perfect combination so that it can be given as a return gives to the guest that  are coming to your party as you can see the combo contains a paper bag, a mug and a diary, paper bag which is made of 300 GSM paper laminated on the front side it has strings so you can hold up at least two KG of weight and along with the bag there is a Mug also the mug is made of ceramic completely printed on all the sides, it comes in a beautiful printed box ,colorful box, and then we have ruled pages diary which  is printed on both the sides it contains approximately 40 plus pages and all the pages are printed with a blue color, a single color. When you purchase this combo we provide you a complimentary thank you tag as well which you can hang it when you put all the gifts inside the bag, a great economical combo within your budget and it will perfectly suits the need of an animal themed birthday party, kids will surely love it ,you can pack the stuff inside the bag easily. The printing quality on the paper bags on the mugs, on the Diaries, thank you cards on all the items everything will be of perfect notch the quality of printing the quality of the material the packaging, at we do not compromise quality at any cost we have maintained our quality since last seven years ,we are now improving our quality to cater the demand of the customer so we are working on your feedback as well. All items in this combo that you can see can be customized at additional charges we can customize the mug with a message or a name or the guest name whatever you want we have all the options available on the website we can customize the paper bag with the name of the child, his age, any message whatever you want we can do it we can customize on diary, paper bag, thank you card so complete customization process is in your hand you tell us that what kind of customization you want and we’ll do it for you ,we can even customize the complete theme ,we can change if you want to put some other animals on the paper bag or on the diary or on the mug we can do it for you @additional charges. All our designs that we have created they are unique, they are creative, they are colorful and vibrant. We have always received a positive response of our combos. If you want then we can even increase the number of pages inside the diary we can even change the size of the paper bag if you want a smaller one then we can do it for you or if you want a bigger one then we can make it for you, we have multiple options of mugs variants, like this mug which you can see on the website it’s a complete white mug on which we do the printing, if you want you can take a a black mug, , Single tone or a magic mug ,so all are of different prices so you need to get in touch before placing your order or you can just whatsapp that if you want more variant in this mug so we will send you the photograph of the variants and you can choose from those.





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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 25 × 12.7 × 12.7 cm

1 Big Size Bone China Mug With Box

1 Thank You Card

1 Diary

1 Paper Bag Size = 9×6 inches


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