Unicorn Print Unique Style Multi-Function Organizer with Calc and Whiteboard


  • Innovative design
  • Fold in Center.
  • Transparent Box
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Looking for Unique Unicorn Pencil Case?

  • One of The most Stylish and Unique design of Pencil Organizer.
  • Round and compact shape makes it very convenient to carry, it will take very less space inside your bag or on your table but can carry multiple stuff.
  • It already contains a calculator,whiteboard,2 markers with eraser brushes and a mini coin holder at the top.
  • Perfect to install or place it on your study table or platforms, the inbuilt whiteboard will help you out in remembering the stuff or making notes.
  • Smart and innovative design.
  • Sturdy and strong made plastic body.

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    white board organizer
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    pencil box for kids organizer

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